Nicholas J. Meo, B.A.

Quality Assurance Compliance Officer & Senior Clinical Research Associate

  • Experience in the pharmaceutical industry in animal health since at least 1988

  • Made major contributions to the regulatory dossiers for 4 approved products

  • Has monitored GCP and GLP studies in companion, food producing, and laboratory species

  • Has served as a Study Director for a major GLP study

  • Has served as Quality Assurance in GCP, GLP and GMP environments

  • Has created and developed systems and standard operating procedures for 2 pharmaceutical companies and 3 CROs using GLP and GCP regulatory environments

Fun Fact:

  • I am not the world’s worst golfer……but my name comes up!!

My Inspiration as Part of the Team:

  • My career goal was to make major contributions leading to the approval of new drugs.  AlcheraBio gives me the opportunity to continue this goal for multiple species!

Becky Reynolds

Quality Control Coordinator & Primary Archivist

  • I have been a Veterinary Assistant since at least 1998 and have served in many capacities at AlcheraBio since 2005, as well

  • I have monitored numerous studies, the products of several of which have been approved by the FDA

  • I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when a study is completed and successfully approved

My Inspiration as Part of the Team:

  • Knowing that what we do at AlcheraBio benefits the animal community is a source of pride

Erik Reissmann

Data Manager

  • Worked on a NASCAR pit crew as a gas man

  • Degree in DBA-Analytics and Reporting

Fun Fact:

  • I love to spend my off days at the lake with Charlie and take him fishing with me

My Inspiration as Part of the Team:

  • AlcheraBio is a leader in its industry and I have a huge amount of admiration and respect for that. AB places a high value on their employees and encourages them to learn, grow and innovate inside the company. I consider myself an advocate for all animals, and knowing my work at AB will directly impact the lives of our pets is a dream come true

Kristy Maugeri, B.A.

Clinical Administrator

  • I have been a part of the AlcheraBio team since 2012

  • My goal at AlcheraBio is to provide high quality work that leads to advances in animal healthcare

Fun Fact:

  • I had fun parasailing in Mexico many years ago.. when I was more adventurous!

My Inspiration as Part of the Team:

  • Being part of the AB team has always been a great experience for me.  Working alongside many talented, passionate and friendly people makes me feel proud to be part of AlcheraBio and our accomplishments in Animal Health

Danielle Pagano, B.A.

Clinical Research Administrator

  • I have a degree in Chemistry.

  • I am an Alum to Delta Epsilon Mu pre-health fraternity.

  • I grew up working with horses.

  • Previously, I worked as a vet tech and pharmacy tech.

  • I am very interested in clinical research.

Fun Fact:

  • I am a competitive horseback rider!

My Inspiration as Part of the Team:

  • To become part of a team that feels like a family and grow with them!

Victoria Gaydos, B.Sc

Clinical Research Associate II

  • I graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 2015

  • My degree was in Animal Science with a Concentration in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Research, and a Double Minor in Companion Animal Science and Biological Sciences

  • I participated in goat behavioral endocrinology research while in college

  • I joined the AlcheraBio team in August of 2018

  • Before coming to AlcheraBio, I worked with The Veterinary Consultancy

Fun Fact:

  • My favorite color is purple!

My Inspiration as Part of the Team:

  • I love being part of a company that’s goal is to improve animal health

Christopher Palumbo, B.Sc

Senior Clinical Administrator

  • Former undergraduate research assistant

  • Biology & Animal Science major at Rutgers

  • Former Study Assistant at AlcheraBio

My Inspiration as Part of the Team:

  • I love animals and knowing that I play a part in improving their health inspires me to work at AlcheraBio everyday

Stephanie Werrlein, CVT, RLATG, SRA, SRS

Associate Clinical Administrator

  • Been with AlcheraBio team since June of 2018

  • Previously held position at Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson) as an Associate Scientist in Preclinical Research functionality and safety (16+ years)

  • Experienced as Study Director/Coordinator and as a Project Manager

  • Certified in surgical research (Academy of Surgical Research) and conducted most studies as laboratory animal surgeon.

  • Certified as veterinary technician in NJ, I spent my earlier years supporting routine day practices as well as 24-hour emergency clinic veterinarians

Fun Fact:

  • I obtained my motorcycle license and bought my first bike so I can now ride with my friends

My Inspiration as Part of the Team:

  • Animals, especially companion animals, play an immensely positive role in human lives providing unconditional love and affection. Animal lives can be very short, so if I can play a role in helping them to live better and longer lives, which will in turn improve our own, then there’s no better reason

Collin Smith, B.Sc

Associate Clinical Administrator

  • B.Sc in Biology from UNCW.

  • My studies focused on wildlife biology and ecology.

  • I interned and volunteered at a sea turtle hospital in NC.

  • I did citizen science and independent research on diamondback terrapins.

  • Previously worked at a microbiology water testing laboratory.

Fun Fact:

  • My fish Roger always comes out when the music starts playing.

My Inspiration as Part of the Team:

  • Being a part of a company of individuals that have compassion for animals and enthusiasm for science.

Kaylee Howlett

Clinical Administrator

  • 3 years of experience in retail working at an independent pet store

  • Have been working at AlcheraBio since September of 2017

  • Senior at Rutgers University in Animal Science with Pre-Veterinary and Research concentration

Fun Fact:

  • I’ve jumped out of a plane twice

My Inspiration as Part of the Team:

  • The team of individuals that I work with who share a similar dedication to improving the lives of animals through advancements in veterinary medicine

Rebecca Schultz, B.Sc

Study Assistant

  • Graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Animal Science (Pre-veterinary and Research concentration) and a minor in Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources.

  • I am an alumni of Alpha Zeta, an agricultural and honors fraternity

  • I really enjoyed my animal care courses on the farm, my favorite animals to work with were the goats!

  • Participated in native bee conservation research at Rutgers.

  • In 2019 I studied abroad in Belize to learn about wildlife health and conservation

Fun Fact:

  • I participated in citizen science research, snorkeling in the mangroves of the Florida Keys!

My Inspiration as Part of the Team:

  • Being a part of this team where I can grow and learn has been a really great experience for me. It makes me feel like I am contributing to something bigger in the animal health industry.