Current Open Positions

We do not have any positions open at this time, but please feel free to send us your resume, so that we can keep you in mind!

Key Roles in Our Organization

The skills and professional experience of our AlcheraBio team is one of our greatest assets. We are passionate about clinical research and are committed to contributing to better lives for animals. In our company, we strive to cultivate a culture that embraces a strong work-life balance with continuous support for our employees to achieve their full potential. Interested in working within Clinical Research? Here are some of the key roles in our organization:

Project Manager

The main contact person for a project. He or she collaborates with the sponsor and supervises the clinical project team that may include monitors, clinical research administrators, study assistants, and other team members depending on the requirements for a project.

Clinical Monitor

The main contact between the clinical study sites (veterinary clinics), the investigators, and AlcheraBio. He or she oversees study site activities, conducts training at the study sites, and assures compliance with the study protocol, data entry, and study records.

Clinical Administrator

Performs data entry quality control, provides administrative assistance for clinical studies, and supports or creates the study materials. The clinical administrator may also accompany a clinical monitor during an onsite visit to provide administrative support.

Study Assistant

Enters data in defined databases for study data capture. Provides administrative assistance for clinical studies. Typically, study assistant positions at AlcheraBio are part-time.

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What our employees are saying…

“I know I am working for a company that will positively impact the lives of animals and their owners. The drugs currently being tested in our many clinical trials have the potential to prolong the lives of pets. I know how strong a bond can be between an owner and their pet, so I receive great job satisfaction to be involved in a process that can extend the length of their time together.”

“With every task we are given, we try to deliver the product at the highest quality possible. We do this by having high standards, great attention to detail, and being thoughtful of the type of work our customers are expecting.”

“Our team is unique in that everyone has a variety of different backgrounds and work experiences. This allows for each person of the team to contribute ideas and opinions to better our systems and processes, which ultimately contributes to the success of our organization.”

“The team is very dynamic, and we all work extremely well together. We all have each other’s backs. Some of my colleagues have become very close friends of mine, making it a real work family.”

“I believe everyone strives to produce the best quality deliverables we possibly can.”