Our Team

Our team is comprised of individuals of all backgrounds who have crossed paths, finding that we share several common goals. Though it’s a fact that we all love animals and veterinary science, our foundation is built on something even deeper. We are innovators who are motivated by the impact we can make on the advancement of veterinary medicine. We are passionate about improving the health of pets, and in turn, humans, and the earth. We have the insight to place all of our energy into bringing new products to market for pets right now, and the foresight to provide these benefits to pets of the future. We have high standards for the animal health industry. For these reasons, and more, we are constantly searching for ways to innovate and evolve together in order to remain a positive and life-changing force in the lives of animals.

The people that make up the AlcheraBio team are fantastic at constantly encouraging each other to learn and develop. If someone doesn’t know how they should be tackling a certain task, there is always someone around willing to help figure the situation out.

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