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Animal Biotechnology Report

“Biotechnology, Cloning and Genetics: A revolution in the animal health industry?,” is a report written by AlcheraBio founder Linda Rhodes and published by Animal Pharm in February 2004.

The 200-page report identified leading companies, commercial potential of the development, and the technical features and commercial constraints in key industry sectors. The report covered such topics as transgenic animals, cloning and genomic sequencing; therapies using bacteriophage, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant therapeutic proteins; vaccines including plant-based and DNA vaccines; and diagnostics, including tests for BSE, trace back of food and inherited diseases.

Contraception and Fertility Control in Animals by Dr. Linda Rhodes and Katherine Moldave
This 2002 report by AlcheraBio offered critical information that decision makers, analysts, business development groups, marketers, and others interested in the field have used to help assess and understand the opportunities and challenges this market presents.

Dr. Tim Trigg
Peptech Ltd. Australia. Peptech develops pharmaceuticals related to controlling animal reproduction
Dr. Wolfgang Jochle
Wolfgang Jochle
Associates, Inc., NJ.
Dr. Jochle is a prominent consultant to animal
health companies working
on reproductive control products
Founder and CEO of a
biotech company

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Options for a Nonprofit Organization to Spearhead Development and Commercialization of Long-Term Nonsurgical Methods of Animal Population Control, 2005